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    Our Services

    #1. Grants and Funding

    We can simplify a very complicated system for all businesses to have access to information around business support, grants and funding.

    To find out more please contact us at contact@jintro.co.uk

    #2. Access to Finance

    We have access to Birmingham’s leading independent advisor providing corporate finance advice to businesses to help them grow.

    Need advice contact us at contact@jintro.co.uk

    #3. Training & Development 

    Your employees are your greatest asset. The consequences of doing nothing to value them can lead to poor productivity, poor retention and even lack of engagement. We can look to conduct a skills gap analysis and/or a training needs analysis to identify solutions in line with your business objectives.

    Some training may even be free or very low cost through the apprenticeship levy. This can be quite complicated but we can simplify the process for you.  To find out more please contact us on contact@jintro.co.uk

    #4. Capital Allowances

    Are you a property owner and pay UK tax? If so you may be eligible to claim Capital Allowances tax relief. What is Capital Allowances? It is tax relief off set by the hidden expenditure in your commercial property. Everything that would remain in the building if you turned it upside down, for example, air conditioning, wiring, heating, lighting and security systems and more.   Please contact us to discuss further at contact@jintro.co.uk

    #5. Research and Development 

    Research and Development (R & D) tax relief is awarded to businesses that invest in innovation. Anything that helps you gain a competitive advantage in a new and innovative way could be eligible for tax relief.

    You would be surprised what is eligible for R & D tax relief. It’s not just for people in white lab coats. Software development, reduction in waste, automation, development of innovative recipes/formulas, development of new material, improved processes, development of new products.  Please contact us to discuss further at contact@jintro.co.uk