Promoting from within is good for company morale, and it can be great for the growth of your business.

Your company saves money, the learning curve is shorter and it helps employee retention.

I have supported hundreds of businesses over the years, as a business adviser and skills broker. It has always been instantly obvious to me when employees are happy and fulfilled in their job.


Companies who look at succession planning and have regular appraisals with their employees are much more likely to have better staff retention than those who don’t.

Your people are your biggest asset to your organisation. If you value them they will be more motivated and less likely to have time off with sickness.

Training and development are key to upskilling employees and encouraging them the put themselves forward for promotions within the business.

When employees know they are the first to be considered for a more senior role, they automatically look at overall company growth over a significant period of time.

However many business owners fear that if they invest too much in developing their employees, then those team members will become more valuable in the marketplace and leave the company.

Ironically, this fear leads to a strategy that does more harm than good, and virtually guarantees the very outcome they were trying to avoid.

This all sounds very simple doesn’t it. But there are still companies out there who don’t practice this and spend a huge amount of time and money hiring and firing employees.

The apprenticeship levy is a great way to upskill your staff with an accreditation. Whether you are a levy payer or non-levy payer, there may be a course to match the business needs for your employees.

You may be looking for bespoke courses or other training opportunities.

I can look at all the possibilities suitable for your business and offer solutions where identified. As an impartial broker I can match your needs to the relevant provider.

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