People sometimes ask me ‘what is Jintro and what do you actually do’

I thought it might be useful to explain how Jintro works and the benefits I bring to assist business growth.

I have two decades behind me, working closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes. I absolutely love it and have always been passionate about offering solutions for business growth.

My strapline is – you don’t know, what you don’t know, until you know.

The power of knowledge and experience is invaluable for businesses. In sixty to ninety minutes of my initial introductory meeting with a key decision maker, between us we can explore areas of the business that possibly haven’t been discussed for years, if at all in the past.

My skillset and background offer areas of support in all areas of business. I am a broker and only work with experts in specialist sectors. Some examples you may like to think about.

I get asked every day if there is any money to help businesses, especially SMEs.
The simple answer is yes. If you are looking to grow your business and looking to employ more staff, then we can help you. There are pots of money available to businesses in the West Midlands. I can signpost you to relevant areas of support in all areas.

Skills is another area I get asked about regularly. There is some funding for existing staff. I work with a number of training providers who can complete a skills matrix with you. They will look at your organogram to see where employees could be promoted in line with succession planning against the company objectives. We can the offer accredited or bespoke training courses to upskill your existing staff.

Have you thought about training your sales staff? Could they be working harder for you whilst trying to win new sales? Would you like to explore new techniques through a sales qualification at very little or no cost to your company?

When you start out in business, the last thing on your mind will be about selling it. However, circumstances can change, time flies by, or for many other reasons, you may find yourself in a position where you are looking to sell your business. I can offer you expert advice from one of my brokers who specialise in this area.
Or you may want to buy a company. Maybe you have money to invest and would like to explore this. My finance expert can help here also.

There is no end to business advice and guidance. I can offer hints and tips about networking and how to ‘do it right’ I am a serial network and know all the tricks.
Do you attend any events? It is difficult to know the best ones to attend for the best use of your time. I can advise on this to suit your sector and your time.
Or you may be looking for advice about marketing or social media.
Have you thought about video marketing, blogs, vlogs or even podcasts?

I know a little bit about everything in all areas of business support. I have been called Mary Poppins, the Oracle even Google Joan, hence #justaskjoan

If you would like to know more please drop us an email